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Loyalty program

"Loyalty" - Loyalty is the quality of staying firm in your support for someone or something. ... Loyalties are feelings of friendship, support, or duty towards someone or something.

Loyalty is the most important quality someone can posses, it's what makes a dog man's best friend. 

We want to express our deepest gratitude and reward those that have been with us since the beginning we will be loyal to you, because you've been loyal to us.

Below are the details to the loyalty program which you can also find on our Instagram  

  • Offers a lifetime discount to anyone who purchases a pair of Shortys 2.0


1. Buy a pair of Shortys 2.0

2. Follow @Shortysbrand on Instagram

3. Tag @Shortysbrand in a post on your Instagram page and @shortysbrand in the caption

4. Email a screen shot of the post to info@shortysbrand.co

5. We Repost your photo for internet “clout”

6. You receive an email back with a personal lifetime discount code for 15% off anything and everything we offer.

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